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  • Cupping
    For me, cupping relieves the slow moving blood flow and the stagnant, heavy feelings throughout my body. I especially enjoy the slide cupping method. This feels like a deep tissue massage (but goes deeper than regular massage). I am so grateful for this type of therapy. It is natural and healing.
    After a slide cupping session, I have a sense of well-being and balance. At the end of my day, to feel happy, balanced and have a sense of control over my body, mind and spirit, means I have succeeded in creating an amazing life.
    Thank you Stephanie!
    -Sondra Justice

    Sondra Justice
  • Cupping
    I started having cupping from Stephanie Nelson two years ago, shortly after my breathing had been compromised due to a chronic illness. I had heard that cupping might be able to help me and boy was I right. Not only did my breathing improve, but with weekly treatments, I had a decrease in anxiety, a decrease in breathlessness and a decrease in symptoms from systemic inflammation as well as a deeply relaxing treatment that would last for days. Meeting with Stephanie literally became the highlight of my week. I am so glad I found her and her incredibly intuitive mind, her vast knowledge, kindness and attention to my needs — not to mention the fact that she offers cupping — especially given that I do not like needling! Thank you Stephanie for all your cupping. It has been the center of my healing over the course of the last few years.

  • Genius
    For nearly three years my brain has been slowly recuperating from a brain tumor. Stephanie and her Genius needles told my brain to quit fooling around with the slow recovery and start functioning at full capacity now. My brain listened. After only five weekly Genius treatments my thinking is clear, my creativity and motivation are returning and I feel almost like my old self again.

    Wendy W.
  • El Horno

    Once again, when I was struggling with a health issue, Stephanie came to my rescue! I was having really significant abdomen pain. I didn’t want to use painkillers, but I was starting to need Advil to sleep through the night. Stephanie did acupuncture and made a simple diet change suggestion (which I followed dutifully) and within a few weeks all the pain was gone, and it hasn’t come back since! It did get a bit worse before it got better, but I’ve come to expect that with natural healing, and so I hung in there, and sure enough, my body (and Stephanie’s acupuncture) resolved the issue. I am grateful! And I would (and do) recommend anyone to see Stephanie. She is amazing!

    Ariana G.